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When I tell you this is a dream come true!!! OMG!!! New York here I come baby! 💋💋 @paintandpoetrynyc Dec 2! Come see about me...
@king__fierce kissed me. Call my mom and tell her I'm never coming home.
Can we talk about how I went to Oakland and fell in love with @chairbreaker and @she_really_let_herself_go ?
Oakland! Berkeley, baby WYD? Lemme holla at chu right quick. 👀💕
Real love is forever. ❤️ Thank you for teaching me kindness. You really were the sweetest. I forget that sometimes.
There's only one so pay attention! 💵💵💵 @chubbymulan you're an actual angel bitch. Legendary. Iconic. My Heaven on Earth. Untouchable Unshakable Grace and Beauty. I love you Apple. ❤️❤️❤️

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